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The Patriarchy Illusion

A Down-to-Earth Guide to Spiritual Feminism


This book 'de-engineers' the system and paradigm of patriarchy in a new way to see that at its essence, patriarchy is based on artificial and illusionary hierarchies - between genders, and also between us all.


The hierarchical logic of patriarchy is designed to keep us down and keep us stuck, because no matter what we do or how high we climb, there is always going to be someone further up the ladder than us on something - resulting in an underlying sense of never being ‘good enough’. This can trick us into chasing a never-reachable end point in many different life areas, including our careers, appearance, relationships, wealth goals and even in our spirituality practices. 


Unfortunately this can then result in endless forcing, striving, competition, self-judgement and that dreaded curse - comparisonitis. From an energetic perspective, patriarchy works to make us all feel inadequate and needlessly competitive. 

But we can opt out of such internalised patriarchy and reclaim our power - and this book explores different ways we can do that. Full of practical tools, interviews with inspiring women and men leading the way, and my own personal stories, my heart-felt wish is that The Patriarchy Illusion: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Spiritual Feminism will reconnect you with your true worth and power within.  


Such a beautiful, relatable and practical book. A must read!

~ Rebekah Jardine, Rising Woman

This book felt like a journey into the heart of the feminine spirit. A profound uncovering of the structures that have kept us all small (women and men). I am left feeling more empowered to be who I am in all my fire and passion. More than anything, I am excited to be unashamedly me, and proud of being a woman.

~ Karla Riddell, Healer and founder of the Young Shaman Foundation

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