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Things I love and wholeheartedly recommend...

I am not an ambassador for many things... yet I have chosen to be for these products and services because I love them so much and have personally experienced their magic.

If you make a purchase through these links below, not only will I be very happy for you... I may also receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

An image of a hand holding a moon cup with a red background

Ruby Cup

Moon Cup & Products

I am an enthusiastic fan girl for moon cups generally ~ and Ruby Cups in particular, due to their high quality products, friendly customer service and Buy One, Give One programme.

I have been using my Ruby Cup since 2017 and it's been wonderful... free periods every month, a much cleaner and more pleasant experience overall, and best of all no nagging guilt about all the plastic I'm sending to landfill (apparently it takes over 500 years for pads and tampons to decompose!). 

I also bought the Ruby Steriliser so I don't have to worry about boiling a saucepan of water after every period and it also makes it so much easier if I'm not at home.

You can browse all the Ruby Cup products HERE

Money + Abundance

An Online Course with Leonie Dawson

I recommend this 4-week abundance and money course with the kooky (in a good way!) Australian powerhouse and self-made multimillionaire Leonie Dawson because a) it's extremely affordable b) it's practical, helpful and wise and c) one of the first exercises she invites you to do virtually guarantees you get your course money back (I've done it three times now, and have created almost $1500). 

You can check it out HERE.

Everything Leonie offers is jam packed with goodness, value and high quality info, so... can also browse all of her courses HERE.

An image of Leonie Dawson in aqua blue with her hands on her heart with the words "Money, Manifesting and Multiple Streams of Income"
An image of two life coaches talking with books around them

Life Coaching Course

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

In 2020 I studied life coaching with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). 


I loved Beautiful You’s feminine yet practical vibe right from the very outset. With a background in women’s circle facilitation, I know the power of gentle and thoughtful approaches, supported with a strong practical framework, and Beautiful You embodies this style to a tee.

So I knew that if I was to become a life coach, this was the training school for me. And perhaps it is for you too? 

If you'd like to study with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, please know that I offer a three-month coaching series with me as a FREE Affiliate BONUS. Yes... FREEE! 


Find out how to receive your FREE coaching support bonus
more about my personal experiences) HERE

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