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Creating spaces for women to connect....

Women have been gathering in circles for thousands of years, to connect, to share wisdom* and to learn from each other. In the West, we've lost this ancient practice... but now it's re-emerging.


Come along to a Sunday Self-Love Circle to experience the magic of women's circles and to have a connected afternoon with other like-minded women.


Whether you’ve attended women’s sharing regularly circles in the past or are curious to attend one for the very first time, please know that you are very welcome!

*There is no obligation to share in a women’s sharing circle. If you would like to attend and be a generous listener only, this is very valuable and appreciated. It’s your presence that is most important!


Two years ago I was feeling a bit discombobulated with my life. Craving connection, I found a Women's Circle on Eventbrite, booked a ticket and went along. I was slightly nervous about walking into a space of strangers, but the instant I arrived Tash made me feel welcomed and connected and I actually ended up hanging out with some of the women for a few hours after the circle ended. Attending quickly became a regular part of my life. Tash has such a gift in bringing people together and creating a sacred space where we can simply be ourselves with no judgement. 

- Tanya Wasylewski

Tash holds a gentle, reflective space to help women connect with themselves, each other and their sense of personal and collective meaning and contribution. 

- Sarah Langlet

The retreat with Natasha was a delightful moment which really allowed me to disconnect from my busy train and reconnect to my inner centre. It was lovely spending this time with a beautiful group of trustworthy women. Natasha is an amazing space holder and really allows us to integrate the wisdom on deep levels. She brings her knowledge and lets us experience it for ourselves, reflecting on our own life. The power of experiencing this work amongst women is greater than I can even express it right here. Thank you for such a wonderful time off, tuning in to our own divinity.

 -xx Helene Pouwels

I was lucky enough to participate in one of Tash's first women retreats and it was an amazing experience. I left with a sense of gratitude for myself and connection to a great group of women.

- Caroline Buisson

The agenda of the day was well designed. The women's circe gave the opportunity to open up and share with each other. There was lots of journalling opportunities during the day - it was great. Tash is really lovely and down to earth, and guided us well.

- Aysha Aktemur

I normally tell myself that I am too busy to do things like the retreat and I don't make time for me. It was great to spend time with fabulous woman and with myself and gave me the space for personal reflection. The journaling was a great opportunity for self-discovery and to think through some things. I came away with a greater sense of focus and some goals to implement to align my lifestyle more closely with my values.

- Clare Brown

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