Life Coaching

Are you ready to shine from within?

You know you're here to help and make a meaningful difference (and you already work in a professional role that helps people, animals and/or the planet), but somewhere along the way you may have become a little lost and disconnected... 


Lately you've been questioning a few things and thinking that you might need to make some inner changes (and perhaps outer ones too!)...

  • Does that pesky self-doubt keep reappearing, holding you back from the all the good you know you can do and that you offer? 

  • Would you like to say goodbye to that old frenemy of "not good enough"?

  • Would you like to gift yourself the dedicated time and space to focus on YOU ~ and receive a vibrancy and clarity for what is ahead? 

If so, my down-to-earth and gentle coaching is here to help and support you! It includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour Zoom sessions

  • Email support between sessions

  • Sessions held fortnightly over three months. 

Throughout a coaching series, we will:​

  • Explore and anchor new ways of being that will give you a rock solid inner confidence no matter what comes your way 

  • Set life goals for you to work on that are 100% true for you and your heart

  • Set you up with the inner tools to shine from within! 

And most importantly, you will receive more time and energy to spend on enjoying your life and doing your good work in the world ~ without getting in your own way! 

So if you've read this far... and wonder if I'm speaking directly to you... I am! I warmly welcome you to book in for a complimentary consult session with me below to see if coaching is a good fit for you at this time.



I look forward to meeting you! 

Kind Words for Tash's Coaching:

"My coaching experience with Tash was motivating, held in a safe space and supportive. I loved the experience as it helped me really narrow my focus on what I wanted... then it also blew my mind how my goals expanded outwards once I got into the swing of it!


When I first began my coaching series, I felt in a total period of transition and unknown! I was considering leaving my original career (which I have now) and wanted to work out how to become more confident, more connected and to have a better balance of mum life. I knew I needed something to help me become more intentional with my future.


My coaching journey has made me be so much more intentional with my time and being proactive to make sure things happen!


I have loved being able to be more present and fun with my kids, allowing myself some more space to be me and being able to stand up for myself more!  


I feel more me than I have in a long time. 


Thank you so much Tash!"

~ Sabrina D’Arcy 


About Tash

Hi there, I'm Tash ~ a self-connection life coach, author, women's circle facilitator, women's retreat and workshop host, podcaster and speaker. 

But before becoming these things... 

... I worked as an environmental sustainability professional for over a decade. 


I was passionate about the environment even as a kid, loving Captain Planet and first becoming concerned about the ozone layer in grade 3. Then, watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth in 2007, I felt the inspiration and impetus to make a very early career segue ~ from the engineering industry to the environmental sustainability industry, and I went on to work in sustainability consulting and local government. I wanted to make a meaningful difference with my work and life, and was committed to taking action on climate change.    

However, in late 2014, I began to realise more and more how disconnected I had become from myself, and how much this was impacting both my quality of life and my impact in the world. I became interested in alternative and spirituality-related things, absorbing everything I could in this new to me world of spirituality, women's wellness and healing. It is a journey I am still on today, and it's an honour to be able to share what I know and the skills I've learned with others. 

I began to see how connected everything is, and while making changes 'out there' is of course so important, making changes within ourselves is so important too. So I love to give my clients full permission for this! It truly is not selfish or self-centred to put ourselves first ~ it's a service to ourselves, all those around us... and even to the planet!  


I believe that when we connect deeply with ourselves and our own hearts, we empower and heal not just ourselves, but other women and our entire society and planet as well. This is why I am so passionate about the power of self-connection and working with women.

So I'm thrilled to be doing what I'm doing today, with a focus on helping and supporting women to connect within. As well as training to become a qualified life coach, I've also trained as a women's circle facilitator and co-established a monthly women's circle (now successfully running for over four years!). Regularly bringing women together to gather in circle is such an incredible experience; the authenticity and magic of circles never ceases to amaze me, and forever teaches me new ways to connect with myself and other women.  

I also feel incredibly honoured and grateful to be the author of my book, The Patriarchy Illusion: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Spiritual Feminism. The book is all about our internalised patriarchy as women, and all the different ways it can keep us disconnected from our real power and worth. Like many creations, this book certainly had a mind of its own, taking many twists and turns, and was a four year process to write and create. I am incredibly proud of the result ~ you can check it out here.

So I hope this section has given you a little sense of me and what I'm all about... I look forward to meeting and connecting with you!  


Qualified Life Coach ~ Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Trained Women's Circle Facilitator

School of the Modern Mystic ~ Level 1

Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Future Makers Fellowship Program

Master of Environment

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Arts ~ English Literature​​

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